Panopticon 17.5 Released

With the 17.5 release, Panopticon supports cloud deployment on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Panopticon 17.5 is also fully compatible with containerized cloud implementations using Docker. In addition, version 17.5 incorporates important new functions that contribute to efficient customization, integration, and branding.

Panopticon 17.4 Released

Panopticon 17.4: Improved Alerting, Streaming JDBC and Cloud Connectivity, New Scatter Plot Alpha Function, and Support for HyperWorks Units Licensing The latest release of the Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform adds new capabilities to its Proactive Alerting function, increases the number of available data sources, makes it easier than ever to integrate the system into cloud-based data environments, improves time series visualization capabilities, and supports a new way to license the software. Version 17.4 of…