Angoss 10.7.3 Released

Version 10.7.3 of Angoss Analytics Software Suite has been released for Windows and Red Hat Linux 7.

This includes KnowledgeSEEKER, KnowledgeSTUDIO, KnowledgeREADER, and KnowledgeSTUDIO for Apache Spark.


What’s New in Version 10.7.3:

Decision Trees and Ensemble Tree Models

  • Two new measures added in Decision Trees: Unadjusted log p-value and Bonferroni-adjusted log p-value.

R and Python Language Integration

  • R integration is now supported for R versions 3.5.x.

Platform Support

  • Angoss software is no longer supported on 32-bit operating systems.


Version 10.7.3 can be installed side by side with any previous version except 10.7. If you have 10.7, uninstall it prior to installing 10.7.3

If you don’t have R, download the latest version from here:

If you don’t have Python, download 64-bit Anaconda (Python 3.7) for Windows from here:

For more information or to access the software installers, log into the Altair Angoss Downloads and Support site.