Why Datawatch

More Data

Our heritage in self-service data preparation means that you can access more internal, external, and enterprise-wide sources of data. More files, apps, and databases. More big data. More data from PDFs, XML and HTML. More of your deepest, darkest, most unstructured data. Altair makes it all usable and repeatable, maximizing the breadth, integrity, value, and insight you get from your data, no matter the origin, format or narrative.

More Minds

We’re also relentlessly innovating the way data is accessed to create greater focus, accountability, insight and action. To do it, we’re tearing down walls between individuals, disciplines and offices to create new levels of enterprise-wide insight, socialization, trust and progression. More people are free to explore more avenues. Teams can collaborate on the models, predictions and recommendations of their peers with precision, efficiency and agility. And people and information alike become invaluable in their ability to move a business forward.

More Trust

And more data and more minds doesn’t have to mean more chaos. With Datawatch, gone are the self-service silos, duplication and versioning errors that create dubious analytics. In their place is a unified data management platform that ensures integrity, user lineage, and control; one that’s as focused on empowering the right people with the ability to utilize the right data as it is about locking down the wrong data from the wrong people. The result is more trusted analytics – greater confidence that leads to bolder insights, braver progression, and smarter outcomes for individuals and organizations alike.