About Us

Altair is the data intelligence solutions partner that fuels your business transformation. We deliver powerful solutions that empower individuals, teams and enterprise organizations to Prep, Predict and Visualize their data to deliver both operational efficiency and analytical insights.

Data Intelligence empowers individuals, teams and organizations to:

  • Establish TRUST in the data
  • Manage DIVERSITY of data, users & outputs
  • Build the data LITERACY of your workforce
  • Master the COMPLEXITY of data

There’s no shortage of data out there. Data intelligence, on the other hand, is harder to come by. It’s data that’s controlled instead of chaotic. Insightful instead of immaterial. Empowering instead of overwhelming. And it’s what Altair has spent the last three decades pioneering, so that individuals and organizations can master data with unprecedented access, agility and governance. The results are improved efficiency, collaboration, integrity, and time to insight. All so your business is fueled with the data intelligence it needs to evolve, transform, disrupt, invent, and succeed.