Fuel your Business With
Data Intelligence

Welcome to the unification of data collection, analysis, visualization and prediction.

Altair solutions give you the ability to work with more data, that you can trust and believe in, and that empowers you to win minds and transform your business.

More Data

Access more internal, external and enterprise-wide sources of data.

Altair turns difficult data into smart data, leading to actionable insight that helps solve complex business problems.

More Minds

Create greater focus, accountability, insight, and trust.

Remove barriers so that everyone in your organization can take full advantage of data analytics to solve business problems.

More Trust

Adopt a data management platform that ensures data integrity, user lineage, and control as you generate insight.

Make the right decisions using all of your trusted, controlled, accurate and agile data. Use a collaborative platform designed for self-service data prep and analytics to share insight across the organization.

What is Data Intelligence?

Altair Knowledge Works is endlessly committed to fueling our customers’ business with Data Intelligence.


Solutions for your Data Strategy


Unify all your data sources. Even your deepest, darkest unstructured data.


Model and predict with machine learning. And it's user-friendly too.


Real-time performance, risk and attribution data. Spot anomalies and trends faster.


Ordinary People, extraordinary results.

  • Olivia

    Chief Data Officer

    The Problem
    Data is complex, inconsistent, scattered and untrusted, which prevents us from being a data-driven organization.

    In Olivia's Words
    We're fostering a data-driven culture and collaborative analytics with a true data intelligence platform.

  • Angela


    The Problem
    It takes too long to gain access to the data I need. Data preparation is manual and time-consuming. I struggle to provide my executives with the reports they need.

    In Angela's Words
    Datawatch is saving me time—data prep is fast, repeatable and auditable. Now I can spend much more time analyzing data and making strategic recommendations.

  • Steve

    Data Scientist

    The Problem
    We have a lack of data scientists and I am in constant demand for producing advanced analytics for the whole organization.

    In Steve's Words
    Using a visual data science platform allows me to deliver predictive analytics projects faster and easier. I spend less time scripting to build advanced models and decision trees.

  • Tyler


    The Problem
    I'm constantly managing requests for data and have to balance governance with self-service. Data is shared and managed tribally with no controls or lineage.

    In Tyler's Words
    We're providing controlled access to the data our users need, enabling self-service and promoting collaboration. IT is perceived as a strategic advantage, not a restrictive inhibiting force.

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