TDWI: Delivering Real-Time Insight from Data Streams


Find out how your organization can achieve new advantages through visualization and analysis of real-time data and event streams. Today, leading firms in industries such as financial services, healthcare, energy, telecom, manufacturing, government, and more are capturing insights from data and event streams and are delivering real-time analytics for both human and automated decisions. Rapid growth in the “Internet of things”— the brave new world of sensors, smart devices, apps, and services—is generating a fast-flowing stream of potentially valuable data. Real-time data and analytics are at the cutting edge of customer intelligence, process improvement, resource management, and the development of new products and services.

In this TDWI webcast featuring IBM and Datawatch you’ll see how to get started with a technology and business strategy for tapping into the wealth of real-time data and analytics. We explore important trends in technologies such as stream analytics, data visualization and discovery, complex event processing, predictive analytics, operational intelligence, and more that are proving vital to the pursuit of real-time insights.

You’ll also hear:

  • How organizations can analyze data in motion: streams of data from devices, apps, systems, and other sources
  • How you can use data visualization and discovery analytics to enable users to gain valuable insights from real-time data streams
  • Tips on how to integrate real-time data flows and analytics with existing business intelligence and data warehousing systems

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