We want your Datawatch experience to be remarkable. Our services are designed to help you achieve maximum value from Datawatch solutions with minimum project risk.

Our consulting services range from a few days of simple installation and training to managed projects designed to deliver complex business solutions. Our services include:

Business Discovery

Our business discovery services document your requirements and objectives, and identify the Datawatch products and best practices to fulfill them.

Solution Architecture

For larger and more complex projects, our solution architecture services addresses issues of:

  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Hardware sizing and performance
  • Custom security requirements
  • System integration

Installation and Configuration

We install and configure products Datawatch in your environment and assist with:

  • System integration
  • Security integration
  • High availabilitysolutions
  • Other system configuration considerations.


We provide highly skilled consultant to work with your development team, cross-training your staff and mitigating project risk. Or if you lack the staff to deliver a project, we can provide you with a turnkey solution.

Quality Assurance

By performing quality assurance (QA) or assisting your team with QA, we can help mitigate risk in a project and cross-train your staff in Datawatch technology. We can also help to quickly address any issues that come up during QA review.

Project Rollout

Before you transition a Datawatch solution to your support organization, our project-based rollout support helps mitigates risks as you go live with a project – which is especially important in complex projects or in your first experience with Datawatch.

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