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Solution accelerators provide the best practices and visualizations that have been previously configured to solve specific challenges for all types of organizations. Using a solution accelerator can reduce your implementation time and let you find answers faster than your competitors.

Predictive Analytics Accelerator for R

R has rapidly become the leading open-source predictive analytics engine in the world, owing to its high performance, elegant design and enthusiastic community-led support. The Datawatch Predictive Analytics Accelerator provides all the tools and techniques you need to harness the power of R to drive your business to the next level.

OneTick SocialSandbox

The OneTick Social Sandbox is an integrated analytics platform designed to measure the impact of social sentiment on stock portfolios. This type of analysis requires integration and alignment of a wide array of data sources, along with a visual presentation of the data that enables intuitive discovery and deep insight. Developing this type of solution […]

Network Monitoring Blueprint for Cisco

Sufficient security implementation—and ensuring that only the authorized configuration is implemented—is critical to efficiently taking corrective action in the event of a breach, averting catastrophic security failures and service disruptions, and preventing adverse fallouts for customers. Datawatch has developed the Network Management Blueprint for Cisco® (NMBC) configuration auditing system to address these challenges. The NMBC […]

Geographic Epidemiology and Epidemic Monitoring Accelerator

Epidemics are no longer local or even regional challenges. Our global community makes it easy for infectious diseases to travel the world, especially those viruses with high human-to-human transmission rates. Recent outbreaks of swine flu, Ebola, HIV, and other diseases have crossed borders as well as oceans. Mapping the spatial or geographic epidemiology factor of […]

Loan Origination Accelerator

HL7 Connector for External Applications

Hospital equipment and applications exchange hundreds of millions of HL7 messages every day—all beyond the reach of external applications that do not support the HL7 message format. The unutilized information in HL7 messages (such as the ORU message type) can provide a wealth of knowledge for defining hospital management best practices, identifying bottlenecks in daily […]

Service Management Accelerator for Telecom

An international telecom network owner is selling network capacity to a wide range of operators. The network owner extracts data from call data records for analytics and visualization to track the following key performance indicators: Quality of Service (QoS) levels for voice traffic flowing to and from different countries How QoS varies from operator to […]

Aged Balance Accelerator for Meditech

As healthcare operating margins continue to thin, efficient and innovative ways to increase collections and improve cash flow are more critical than ever. The Aged Balance Accelerator for Meditech (ABAM) is a powerful suite of analytic and reporting tools that help achieve these goals by leveraging legacy data in standardized modeling. Designed by Jacobus Consulting […]

Shipping Analytics and Optimization Accelerator

Sales Analytics Blueprint for Retail

Monitoring and auditing annual transactions can be a challenge for any retailer. Volumes of complex information must be obtained from POS machines, mined, and transformed into a structure that can be used for visualization and analysis. Manually extracting data from POS transaction logs and arranging it into a useful, tabular output is not a solution. […]

Call Report Filing Blueprint

Filing a 5300 Call Report is a complex process that often consumes several person-weeks per quarter and needs to be repeated in order to file adjustments, amendments, and corrections. At the highest level, the filing process includes: Collecting the necessary data from the credit union’s transactional systems, including general ledgers, loan processing and mortgage servicing […]

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