Go deeper inside your data. Datawatch visual data discovery software allows network operators to explore, monitor, and analyze network information in real time, helping you improve performance, minimize lag, and avert potential outages.

Datawatch helps you easily connect data sources to create rich visualizations that bring your data to life. As a result, you can monitor vast amounts of in-motion and historical data to keep tabs on performance and quality of service. With Datawatch visualizations, you can better analyze profitability and capacity, detect fraud, provide revenue assurance, and monitor customer service at call centers.


“We were struggling with an old system that couldn’t handle real-time data feeds, and the visualizations weren’t designed for efficient analysis. Once we moved to Datawatch, we were up and running in a matter of days and our managers love it!”

Director of Call Center Operations, Major Telecom Firm


Datawatch lets you examine data from any angle, so you can:


  • Improve overall network performance with real-time visualizations of resource utilization, network operations, and early alerts to potential problems.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and reduce churn with visibility into call center effectiveness, network performance, and more.
  • Increase revenue per user through aggregated information on how customers use the network and the ability to pinpoint opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Develop new products and markets with a data visualizations that provide a clearer understanding of distinct customer needs, market trends, competitive offerings, and uncultivated areas for expansion.


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