Datawatch lets retailers and CPG companies improve sales and profitability through real-time visualization of your company’s data. Combining vast amounts of fast-changing data – from point-of-purchase systems, ecommerce websites, inventory management systems, and other sources – retailers can visualize critical information on everything from customer preferences and shopping patterns to inventory control and product pricing.

“What used to take three hours now takes five minutes!” – Sr. Manager, BI, Major Consumer Packaged Goods Organization

Retailers and CPG companies have traditionally invested heavily in business intelligence solutions. While these produce excellent historical data, they lack the ability to give retailers the up-to-the-minute data they need. With its ability to integrate streaming data from any IT environment, Datawatch lets retailers get answers fasters and more effectively monetize data on customer behavior.

With Datawatch, retailers and CPG companies can:

  • Improve profitability through advanced visualizations of sales, cart abandonment, and revenue from products, stores and channels.
  • Manage pricing dynamically with the ability to view real-time information on customers, suppliers, market and competitors.
  • Optimize inventory decisions through clearer visibility into current stock levels and out-of-stock items.
  • Target high value customers with deeper understanding of their needs, behavior and shopping patterns.
  • Increase market share by identifying trends in markets and customer demand before competitors.

Solution Accelerators

Solution accelerators provide the best practices and visualizations that have been previously configured to solve specific challenges for all types of organizations. Using a solution accelerator can reduce your implementation time and let you find answers faster than your competitors.

Sales Analytics Blueprint for Retail

Monitoring and auditing millions of dollars’ worth of transactions annually is a considerable challenge for any retailer with a POS (point-of-sales) machine. Ensuring that the information obtained from data mining is always correct for proper analytics and visualization adds another layer of complexity to the business intelligence process. The transaction logs generated by POS machines […]


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