Go deeper inside your data. Datawatch visual data discovery  software allows retailers and CPG manufacturers to explore, monitor, and analyze information in real time, creating intuitive graphics that bring data to life.

By harnessing vast amounts of rapidly changing data—from point-of-purchase systems, ecommerce websites, inventory management systems, and other sources—Datawatch can help you visualize critical patterns and anomalies in everything from customer preferences and shopping patterns to inventory control and product pricing.

Unlike traditional business intelligence solutions that derive insights from historical data, Datawatch solutions give retailers a look into what’s happening today—key to keeping up with changing consumer tastes and preferences.


“What used to take three hours now takes five minutes!”

– Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, Major Consumer Packaged Goods Organization


Datawatch lets you examine data from any angle, so you can:


  • Improve profitability through intuitive graphics that illustrate sales, cart abandonment, and revenue from products, stores, and channels.
  • Manage pricing dynamically, with the ability to view real-time information on customers, suppliers, the market, and competitors.
  • Optimize inventory through clear visibility into current stock levels and out-of-stock items.
  • Target high-value customers with deeper understanding of their needs, behaviors, and shopping patterns.
  • Increase market share through data visualization that lets you identify market and consumer trends ahead of your competitors.

Solution Accelerators

Solution accelerators provide the best practices and visualizations that have been previously configured to solve specific challenges for all types of organizations. Using a solution accelerator can reduce your implementation time and let you find answers faster than your competitors.

Sales Analytics Blueprint for Retail

Monitoring and auditing annual transactions can be a challenge for any retailer. Volumes of complex information must be obtained from POS machines, mined, and transformed into a structure that can be used for visualization and analysis. Manually extracting data from POS transaction logs and arranging it into a useful, tabular output is not a solution. […]


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