Datawatch lets government agencies glean insight and intelligence from information sources that span the worlds of finance, economics, demography, IT, education, law, and science. Policy makers and analysts can combine data from virtually any source, explore it with visual analytics, and use the insight they discover to help make decisions that will affect millions of citizens and businesses. Because it lets you securely share data and dashboards with other users and between agencies, Datawatch is an invaluable tool for disseminating information. Datawatch visualizations can even be embedded in public websites to give constituents, businesses and non-profits access to information and knowledge.

  • Reduce costs with clearer understanding of where revenue is coming from and how public funds are being used.
  • Deliver proof of compliance with regulatory frameworks at any level of government.
  • Track crime rates and identify the effectiveness of policies and policing on criminal activity.
  • Model the real and potential economic impact of legislation and policies with what-if scenarios.
  • Understand voting trends by expertly analyzing complex sets of demographic data.
  • Increase transparency and reduce administrative burden by providing the public with self-service access to information.
  • Manage complex projects across agencies by easily sharing data and visualizations
  • Do more on shrinking budgets by giving everyone the power to find fast answers to questions as they come arrive.

Solution Accelerators

Solution accelerators provide the best practices and visualizations that have been previously configured to solve specific challenges for all types of organizations. Using a solution accelerator can reduce your implementation time and let you find answers faster than your competitors.

Visualization Accelerator for Splunkā„¢

The value of Operational Intelligence is to provide complete information to a user, enabling them to make faster, smarter decisions and to maximize impact. By correlating a wide variety of events and data from both streaming feeds and historical data silos, Datawatch helps organizations gain real-time visibility to critical business information, in context, through advanced […]


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