Datawatch gives oil and gas producers and pipeline and grid operators the tools to monitor systems and performance in real time, and to view historical time series analysis.

“Our engineers were used to spending hours reading reports to understand which functional area to prioritize for maintenance. Now they do it in 10 minutes and they always see the most up to date information available.” – Senior Vice President for IT, Asian Oil & Gas Producer

With real-time visual analysis, energy companies can visualize vast amounts of rapidly-changing data to monitor and analyze oil and gas production, grid utilization, profitability, capacity, performance and customer service at call centers.

With Datawatch, energy companies can:

  • Predict demand more accurately with instant intelligence on user behavior, market changes, and factors impacting production.
  • Reduce costs with clearer visibility into operational expenses.
  • Minimize the burden of data analysis and reporting by giving everyone the power to answer questions as soon as they arise.
  • Manage risk by monitoring performance, trends, downtime losses and geographic factors like local resources and legal issues.


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