Go deeper inside performance data. Datawatch visual data discovery software allows energy companies to explore, monitor, and analyze information in real time, creating intuitive graphics that bring vast amounts of rapidly changing data to life.

By transforming raw data into rich visualizations, you can identify patterns quickly and accurately, pinpointing opportunities in oil and gas production, grid utilization, profitability, capacity, performance, and even customer service within your call centers.


“Our engineers used to spend hours determining functional areas to prioritize for maintenance. Now it takes ten minutes, based on up-to-date information.”

– Senior Vice President for IT, Asian Oil & Gas Producer


Datawatch lets you examine data from any angle, so you can:


  • Confidently predict demand, based on up-to-the-moment intelligence on user behavior, market changes, historic data, and the factors you know will affect production.
  • Take advantage of greater transparency into operational expenses, so you can seek ways to reduce costs.
  • Analyze information on the fly—getting answers to questions as they occur, rather than poring through mountains of dense reports.
  • Actively manage risk through performance, trend, downtime loss and geographic data visualization.


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