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To improve research and sales analysis, Datawatch lets you combine data on financial markets from virtually any source, and to explore it with interactive visualizations. With Datawatch, buy-side and sell-side firms can better analyze fundamentals and understand historic returns and correlations, including the actuals and forecasts that are driving returns.

Datawatch lets you see both real-time streaming market feeds and databases with time series historical information so you can produce macro analysis more easily. Data discovery tools help you screen markets, industries, regions, portfolios, and instruments more accurately.

With Datawatch you can:

  • Produce research more quickly with subscriptions to full and parameterized streams from CEP engines and message queues.
  • Get more accurate information by connecting directly to Microsoft Excel to visualize real-time streaming data from feeds like Bloomberg or Reuters.
  • See the whole picture by combining static and real-time streaming data through joins and unions.


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