News Analytics

With Datawatch real-time visual data discovery and Thomson Reuters News Analytics, trading and investment firms can use news to differentiate their strategies and gain a competitive edge.

Thomson Reuters News Analytics automatically scans and analyzes news stories, Internet content and social media in real-time, feeding the results into your quantitative strategies. With Datawatch serving as a visual front end for News Analytics, you can glean insight to make better decisions about risk management and asset allocations and to power quantitative strategies across markets, asset classes, and all trading frequencies.

With Datawatch and Thomson Reuters New Analytics, you can:

  • Monitor news in real-time. Track and analyze news with interactive real time visualizations. Filter and display news analytics based on different criteria. Visualize P&L, trading, volume and price data in real time and correlate changes with news. And spot hidden patterns and trends in masses of news information.
  • Identify and capture alpha. Generate alpha across all frequencies from short to medium and longer term investment horizons, and uncover other opportunities to further differentiate your strategies.
  • Generate ideas. Follow movements over time, spot shifts in opinion and market sentiment, and identify emerging trends and buzz through new strategies like crowdsourcing of sentiment.
  • Improve market timing. Predict future trading volume and price volatility to ensure that you enter the market at the right time.
  • Manage risk. Model market sentiment to predict volatility and manage unexpected market risk. Lower maximum draw-downs, increase portfolio diversity, and avoid problem stocks.


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