Capital Markets

Banks, hedge funds, and brokerages around the world rely on Datawatch to enhance profitability in any market, as well as actively mitigate risk.

Datawatch visual data discovery software gives analysts and portfolio managers the ability to go deep inside your data. With Datawatch, you can explore, monitor, and analyze market and trading information as it happens, and create intuitive graphics that bring vast amounts of rapidly changing data to life. As a result, you can make smarter, faster decisions that help improve performance and minimize areas of potential risk as soon as they arise.


“By integrating the heatmapping tools from Datawatch, our ability to analyze data and risks in real time will be enhanced in today’s highly unpredictable markets.” – VP of Information, Omaha Foreign Exchange


Datawatch visual data discovery lets you examine data from any angle, so you can:


  • Identify ways to increase profitability through interactive visualizations that illustrate real-time effects for customers, traders, products, regions, or offices.
  • Bolster risk analysis through a variety of advanced visualizations.
  • More effectively monitor compliance and seek potential fraud in transactions.
  • Improve latency monitoring by visualizing data flows, data queuing, and transaction efficiency in real time.
  • Simplify transaction cost analysis by immediately pinpointing areas of under- and over-performance within historical transaction records.
  • Spot patterns and opportunities more quickly.
  • Refine trading and execution strategies with pre-trade basket analytics, algo trading scenario performance and profitability monitoring, fill performance monitoring, trading performance monitoring, and post-trade analysis.
  • Streamline performance and attribution analysis by seeing problems and opportunities that can be difficult to spot in traditional reports.
  • Support research and sales with data visualization and analytics that make it easier to understand historic returns and correlations.
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Solution Accelerators

Solution accelerators provide the best practices and visualizations that have been previously configured to solve specific challenges for all types of organizations. Using a solution accelerator can reduce your implementation time and let you find answers faster than your competitors.

Call Report Filing Blueprint

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