To get out ahead of your competitors, you’ve got to make decisions quickly. Datawatch lets you instantly visualize streaming data from message buses, CEP engines and tick databases to find answers and spot trends with unprecedented speed.

Get answers faster.

Only Datawatch delivers innovative and easy-to-use tools designed to visualize true streaming data in real time. Through a variety of specialized binning, time window and filtering functions, Datawatch lets you analyze real-time streaming data to get an on-demand view of profitability, risk, transactions, capacity utilization, and other key performance indicators. Combine it with historical data to monitor performance. Make buy and sell decisions faster. Detect fraudulent behavior in less time. Or monitor the success of trading algorithms instantly.

Connect directly to popular CEP engines

Datawatch can connect to all popular CEP engines including:

  • Amazon Kinesis
  • IBM InfoSphere Streams
  • Informatica RulePoint
  • Kx kdb+Tick
  • One Market Data OneTick CEP
  • SAP Sybase ESP & SAP Sybase Aleri
  • Tibco StreamBase CEP* & Tibco StreamBase LiveView

Connect directly to your message bus

Datawatch connects to:

  • Apache Active MQ
  • Apache QPID
  • IBM WebSphere MQ
  • Informatica Ultra Messaging
  • Pivotal RabbitMQ
  • 60 East AMPS

Support for all major tick databases

Our data visualization tools support all major tick databases, including:

  • Kx kdb+
  • One Market Data OneTick
  • Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics


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