Documents, Excel files, reports – so much of your everyday data is locked away in these personal files. Datawatch connects easily to the most popular file formats, so you can get more value from spreadsheets, text files and even live data on the Web. And more importantly, you can quickly combine files with any other source to get a deeper look at your data and faster answers to your questions.

Bring your flat files to life.

While Datawatch is a powerful tool for working with complex data sources, it lets you do great things with personal files as well. Build a quick dashboard with Excel data to test an idea for a larger scale visual analysis project. Create treemap or heatmap visualizations of a spreadsheet connected to real-time market prices to see dynamic price changes in color. Convert static reports into usable, searchable data.

Or create scatter plot visualizations based on map data pulled from a scalable vector graphics file.

Connect to all your personal data.

Datawatch lets you quickly connect with flat files and semi-structured sources like:

  • Excel, CSV and text files
  • MS-Access, dBase, OLE DB and ODBC sources
  • HTML and XML files
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)


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