Big Data

If you’re working with big data, you need to be able to visualize information from Hadoop, NoSQL and OData sources. With Datawatch, you can quickly connect to Hadoop and NoSQL sources and combine them with data from other sources – CEP engines, real-time message queues, tick databases – to really take advantage of the power of big data.

Visualize Hadoop data with more flexibility.

Datawatch lets you incorporate HiveQL queries into your dashboards so you can visualize information stored in Hadoop. Use the hierarchy found in the structure of your data or change it on the fly to get faster answers to your questions. Connect quickly to the most popular Hadoop distributions and NoSQL databases to easily work with visual analytics for big data. Datawatch supports Apache Hive and connects to:

  • Cloudera
  • MapR
  • Hortonworks

Easily Connect to NoSQL Databases

Datawatch’s visual analysis tools are ideal fits with data stored in NoSQL databases like Cassandra and Cloudera. Datawatch includes data connectors for the most popular NoSQL databases built into the system. This vastly simplifies initial installation of the system and helps your people start using visual analytics tools with their data in a matter of minutes. Datawatch comes equipped with data connectors for:

  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache DataStax
  • IBM Cloudant
  • MarkLogic

Native Connectivity to OData Sources

The Open Data Protocol (OData) lets you break down data silos and increase the value of your data by creating an ecosystem in which analysts can work more effectively with a growing variety of data producers. Datawatch supports native connectivity to OData sources, including the SAP Netweaver Gateway and Microsoft Dynamics, and enables you to build dashboards containing interactive Treemaps, Heatmaps, Scatter Plots, and other data visualizations utilizing data contributed through OData as well as through our other data connectors.


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