Datawatch lets you quickly connect to data from any source – and combine data from multiple sources – so you can visualize all your data in a single visualization.

Connecting to data environments is easy with pre-built connectors to a wide variety of sources right out of the box. But you can also build connectors for new data sources with minimal coding. It takes just minutes, for example, to add a streaming connector for a proprietary message bus or a polling connector for a non-standard database or web service.

Datawatch software includes native connectors for:

  • Real-time streaming message buses, including Apache Active MQ and QPID
  • CEP engines, including SAP’s Sybase Event Stream Processor, Oracle CEP, OneTick CEP, Kx kdb+tick and StreamBase
  • Column-oriented tick databases, including Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics, Kx kdb+, SAP’s Sybase IQ, and OneTick
  • OData sources like SAP Netweaver Gateway
  • SAP HANA high performance analytic appliance
  • Relational databases like IBM DB2, Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, and MySQL
  • Flat files, including Excel, SVG, CSV, and XML

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