You’ve never before had the ability to track, measure and analyze marketing information with so much precision. But you’ve never had to manage so much data, either. And all those benefits of digital marketing – personalization, analytics, cross-channel communication? They all depend on intelligently processing vast amounts of data, in real time, and doing it faster than your competitor.

See customers, campaigns and markets more clearly.

Datawatch lets you combine data from every possible source and visualize it instantly to get faster answers to your questions. You can easily track campaign performance and customer trends. Segment audiences more accurately. Respond with speed to market changes. And identify untapped opportunities for converting prospects to customers.

With Datawatch you can:

  • Improve campaign performance with real-time analytics on email, web, social media and CRM campaigns.
  • Boost profitability by identifying your most profitable campaigns, offers, segments and products.
  • Understand your audiences by monitoring customer behavior, sentiment and purchasing trends.
  • Personalize communication by building comprehensive customer profiles.


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