You have too much on your plate to be spending so much time cranking out business intelligence dashboards and reports for every department in your organization. Wouldn’t it be great to put tools in the hands of the people asking the questions so they can find the answers themselves?

Self-service to satisfy you and your business users. Or to free up your time

Datawatch provides visual analytics that anyone can use to explore data. With native connectors for almost any source, Datawatch makes it simple to access all kinds of data – even streaming – and visualize it with easy-to-use dashboards and interactive visualizations.

With Datawatch you can:

  • Get more value from your existing reporting investments by using production reports as the source of data.
  • Empower employees to visually analyze data and get faster answers to their questions.
  • Enhance productivity by letting your IT team focus on higher priority stuff.
  • Improve data security by more easily spotting risks and unusual activity.
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual data collection
  • Make static data more accessible by exporting it to any format your users need – Excel, PDF, HTML, Access, XML and text.
  • Provide data lineage and governance by storing the source documents that form the basis of some of your analytics (like XLS.PDF, and more), automating the extraction of specific data and making this available to intended users for analysis.


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