Building, retaining and motivating your workforce – that’s your constant challenge. It’s complicated by mergers, outsourcing, attrition and competition for talent, not to mention changing business requirements. To know where best to put your resources and attention, you need to be able to see all the moving parts.

See the whole field. Get faster answers to your questions.

Datawatch gives you the tools to visualize your HR data – all of it – and get instant answers to your questions. You can spot trends and model what-if scenarios. Track compliance data. Budget for the optimal workforce and make sure you’re keeping your best performers.

With Datawatch, you can:

  • Increase efficiency with real-time insight into what’s driving productivity.
  • Manage risk and succession planning by tracking attrition among key employees.
  • Improve retention by developing what-if scenarios for compensation.
  • Enhance productivity by benchmarking employee performance against historical and competitive data.
  • Monitor performance by employees, departments and regions, measuring it against business goals.
  • Spend less time hunting for information – put data on salaries, workforce costs, hiring and termination at your fingertips.


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