To keep your organization competitive, you need to make smart decisions fast. And you can’t do that in a vacuum – timely data on performance, projections, intelligence and opportunities is critical to getting it right. But too often, the data you get is late, incomplete or too complex to digest quickly.

All the answers you need. Fast, and at your fingertips.

Datawatch gives you instant visibility into every aspect of your company as well as competitors, markets, and industry trends. You can combine data from virtually any source so you always know you’re seeing the whole picture. And with easy-to-use visualizations, you can explore data quickly and get answers to questions on the fly.

With Datawatch you can:

  • Get faster answers to questions using any device – laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Get the data you need by drilling down with incredible detail or zooming out to get the big picture.
  • Stay ahead of your competition by understanding trends, spotting anomalies and identifying opportunities that others can’t see.
  • Make better decisions – get the information you want at the very moment you need it.


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