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Information is being created in a wide variety of sources today. Content of almost every type is flowing through organizations at a rate that was unheard of in the past. IBM’s Content Manager On Demand (CMOD) allows vast amounts of this content to be stored and searched in the form of reports and documents — however simply serving up that content as a simple document barely scratches the surface of it’s true potential. Buried within these archived reports and other business documents is valuable information just waiting to be used for critical analysis and decision-making.

Datawatch Report Mining Server™ (RMS) is a web-based analytics solution that transforms the content stored in CMOD into high-value analytical assets that can provide untold value to any organization. RMS is designed to specifically integrate with and connect to CMOD by using the provisions for extensibility found within the new IBM Content Navigator (ICN) client. Through the powerful combination of CMOD and RMS organizations can transform simple reports and documents into a competitive weapon that allows them to better understand their customers, products and their overall market.

Beyond Simple Search

RMS turns your CMOD system into a document warehouse – transforming static reports into live data that can be filtered, sorted, and aggregated with other content that can be used for effective research, analysis and planning. By integrating RMS with CMOD your content store suddenly becomes a “search-to-action” tool based on the secure, accurate and official data contained in your business reports, invoices, statements and other official documents. RMS converts CMOD into a powerful source for business analytics.


Integration with IBM Content Navigator

The new ICN Content Navigator client incorporates scalability and extensibility as an integral part of its overall design. Datawatch has leveraged these capabilities in creating a server-side, plug-in connecter that seamlessly integrates RMS with CMOD. When installed and registered with the ICN client, the connecter transparently integrates RMS with CMOD providing users with the same familiar action buttons and drop-down menus they are used to seeing when working with CMOD.