Gartner 2016 Market Guide for Self-Service Data Preparation

Gartner recommends developing a deployment strategy for self-service data preparation...

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Aberdeen Report: Holistic BI: Capitalizing on End-to-End Analytical Activity

More companies today understand the notion that analytics needs to...

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Aberdeen Report: Anchoring a Holistic Approach to BI with Effective Data Prep

Effective business intelligence is compromised of more than just a...

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Aberdeen Report: Formalizing and Legitimizing the Data Scientist Role

A sound IT infrastructure and a knowledgeable IT staff can...

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Aberdeen Report: Data Diversity and Cutting-Edge Insight for Sales and Marketing

Even with the inherent value in traditional customer applications, today's...

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5 Common HR Reporting Headaches and How Data Prep Can Cure Them!

While many aspirational HR leaders look to mature their strategies to...

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Aberdeen Report: Operational BI – Short-Term Visibility, Long-Term Stability

As the speed of business continues to escalate, operational decision...

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Unlocking 835 Remittance Files with Self-Service Data Preparation

Today’s healthcare providers are faced with the convergence of remittance data...

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Spotlight on Audit

The audit profession is faced with a myriad of challenges due...

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BI Manager’s Guide to Data Prep

Spend Less Time Preparing Data, and More Time Analyzing It   Whether...


The 5 Dark Data Sources that Lead to Better Marketing Analytics

Discover and Access your Marketing Dark Data for Critical Insight Data-driven...

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Spotlight on Healthcare

Learn how healthcare organizations are putting Datawatch to work The healthcare...

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Top 5

Top 5 Data Prep Metrics That Will Get Your CIO’s Attention

Simplify your data access and preparation processes You may already know a...

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The Secret To Fast And Accurate Sales And Marketing Analytics

Get projects done faster and more accurately! Let’s face it, whether...

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Powering Data Analysis Across Industries

A Guide to Making Better, Faster Decisions with Self-Service Data...

data prep ebook

The Self-Service Data Preparation eBook

Self-service data preparation tools are rapidly being recognized as a...

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Best Practices: Using Self-Service Data Prep to Leverage Big Data at Credit Unions

Changing Operations: Leveraging Existing Reports, Easier Reporting and Self-Service Access...

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10 Ways Data Preparation Can Enhance Excel

Up to 80% of all time spent on analytics is...

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