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Visual Data Discovery

Visual Data Discovery: Find Unexpected Patterns, Outliers and Relationships in your Data

Discover underlying patterns, trends and outliers in large, complex sets of data using our visual analytics tools.CEP-driven real-time dashboards like this allow users to explore multiple data sets in Big Data applications like capital markets, telecoms and energy. Users can filter their data on-the-fly without waiting for OLAP cubes to be re-built. They can instantly change hierarchies in multi-dimensional sets in order expose hidden outliers.Managers must make decisions today based on huge amounts of data stored in multiple systems. In addition, new data is being generated constantly and in businesses like capital markets, telecoms or energy, that new data is streaming into the organization in real time. Traditional methods based on static reports and graphs without interactive, exploratory capabilities make it difficult or impossible to see correlations, clusters, patterns, and outliers that can have major impacts in the business.

Go far beyond reporting

The concept of visual data discovery is a major change in the world of Business Intelligence, since it goes so far beyond reporting. Essentially, when used in a data discovery context, Panopticon lets people amplify their human abilities to find the nuggets of truly important information that can make a tremendous, positive impact on operation. The iterative exploration process enabled by Datawatch is highly effective and provides people with easy-to-use tools that reduce the complexity of decision-making tasks, regardless of the amount of data available and how quickly the data changes.

Datawatch: Optimize your data discovery process

Datawatch is an excellent data discovery tool since it allows people to use their intuition to find meaningful – and actionable – information in all the data that is available to them. They can ask questions of the data and see results instantly. They can then refine their questions or ask them in different ways in just seconds. They can drill down to obtain more detail about an outlier, or drill up to get an overview that may reveal a trend that was previously hidden. Interactive filters let them remove irrelevant data and noise from their analyses, making underlying patterns easier to see.

Integrate – Analyze – Display

Datawatch allows business users to connect directly to multiple data sources and build analytical dashboards without help from IT. They can pull data into a cohesive view of related information and start their explorations in just a few minutes. They can add their own filters, and adjust the settings of those filters as needed, to help them fully understand what their data can tell them.