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Mobile Dashboards

Deploy real-time dashboards to tablets and smartphones

Users can access complete Datawatch workbooks and dashboards from mobile devices including the Apple iPad and Android tablets. Our HTML5 mobile client provides fully interactive filtering and analytical capabilities in a highly secure mobile deployment option.Datawatch mobile dashboards support a complete range of interactive filtering capabilities and all the rich functionality you see on a PC. The Datawatch HTML5 client works on mobile devices, including Apple iPads and Android tablets and also enables you to maintain high levels of security for proprietary data.

Fully interactive mobile analysis

The Datawatch design team focused their efforts on optimizing the tablet experience and taking advantage of the specific capabilities offered by iPad and Android tablets. The HTML5 client also supports a special smartphone client function that offers summary dashboard views for devices with limited screen real estate; it allows users to see properly scaled summary views of Datawatch workbooks and dashboards.

High secure delivery of sensitive data to mobile devices

Data security is a major requirement for many of our customers. The Datawatch mobile deployment option does not upload any data to mobile devices; all data is retained on a secure server. The mobile client passes filtering and visualization selection parameters to the server, which in turn delivers only the graphical and text elements needed to build the dashboard on the user's tablet or smartphone.

Visualize data from virtually any source on a tablet or smartphone

Mobile users need more than a simplistic view of their data; they need fully interactive dashboards that enable in-depth analysis of large and complex data sets. Datawatch clients can now use tablets to access and analyze data from:

  • Column-oriented tick databases, including Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics, Kx kdb+, SAP's Sybase IQ, and OneTick
  • Traditional relational databases like IBM DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL
  • Real-time streaming message buses, including Apache Active MQ and QPID
  • CEP engines, including SAP's Sybase Event Stream Processor, Oracle CEP, OneTick CEP, Kx kdb+tick and StreamBase
  • High performance systems like SAP HANA
  • OData sources like SAP Netweaver Gateway
  • Flat files, including Excel, SVG, CSV, and XML