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Next Generation Analytics

Overview of Capabilities

Visual Data Discovery

Datawatch advanced data visualization software supports fast, efficient visual data discovery for real-time streaming and historical time series data and can handle databases of any size.

Visualize data from any source

Datawatch leverages your existing IT infrastructure and connects directly to your own data sources:

  • Message buses
  • CEP engines
  • Tick databases
  • OData sources
  • Relational databases
  • Flat files
  • PDFs

Datawatch does not require an expensive middle data layer which adds unnecessary latency to your analytics system. It connects directly to an organization's data sources. Datawatch is also a popular front end for the SAP HANA in-memory data appliance.

Deploy to the enterprise or embed in your own applications

Datawatch supports enterprise-level deployment for Java and .NET environments and offers a fully functional HTML5 client for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Our unique Embed tool allows you to tightly integrate our data visualization functions, including our data connectors and in-memory OLAP analysis capabilities, into your own enterprise applications.

Real-time dashboards for real-time business

Our clients use Datawatch dashboards to identify anomalies, outliers and hidden patterns in massive amounts of fast-changing data. We have clients in many industries, including:

  • Capital Markets:12 of the 15 largest financial institutions in the world use Datawatch to analyze risk, monitor profitability, screen investments, and conduct TCA.
  • Energy: Oil and gas production analysis, grid utilization monitoring, profitability analysis, capacity analysis, project performance monitoring.
  • Telecommunications: Revenue assurance, network latency and performance analysis, and fraud detection.
  • Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG): Client & product profitability, order management, inventory analysis, out-of-stock analysis, store revenue analysis, and sales performance monitoring.
  • Manufacturing: Monitor supply chains, production lines and quality control functions.
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals: Epidemic monitoring, geographic epidemiology and gene expression microarray analysis.
  • Transportation & Logistics: Inventory control, vehicle and delivery routing, on-time performance monitoring.
  • Government: Demographic analysis, poll analysis, budget analysis.