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Comprehensive Suite of Advanced Data Visualizations

All Datawatch platforms offer a wide range of interactive data visualizations optimized for fast visual data discovery and analysis. You can use any combination of visualizations in multi-tabbed dashboards published to the web, to tablets and smartphones, or to desktop clients. You can also embed these tools into your own enterprise applications.

We design our information visualizations using the best practices described by visual analysis experts like Edward Tufte, Stephen Few and Jeffery Heer. All of our tools use our StreamCube™ in-memory OLAP data model to support multi-dimensional analysis of complex data sets. Users in capital markets, telecoms, energy, government, and many other industries use these data visualizations in dashboards designed to analyze and monitor data federated from CEP engines, message buses, columnar tick databases, OData sources, relational databases, and flat files.

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Data visualisation and visual data discovery software tools for real-time big data sourcesData visualisation and visual data discovery software tools for real-time big data sources

Effective information visualizations designed for fast comprehension

The human psychovisual system is very good at processing information presented using pattern, size and color variations. Datawatch's visual data analysis software products include a complete range of information visualization tools, including Treemaps, Heatmaps and many others.

Increase profitability with more timely and insightful decisions

It's important to remember that well-designed static visualizations can work well in presentations, but they are not well suited for exploring large amounts of new, unknown data. Traditional diagrams are simply static drawings that cannot show relationships or structures in understandable ways.

A good data analytics software system helps you see multi-leveled hierarchies, interconnections and details on individual objects in order to solve problems, understand complex relationships or identify areas of concern.

Datawatch visual monitoring and analysis software supports effective and timely decision making. It's easy to synthesize, present and share results with colleagues and customers. These information visualization tools allow users to work productively and make better, more profitable decisions.