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Only Datawatch provides a Visual Data Discovery solution that can finally leverage all of the structured and unstructured data within your organization, including real-time sources. Through our modular product design, you can start with deployments of any size and grow your visual data discovery deployment as your business needs evolve. From an individual analyst, to small departments, to fully integrated enterprises, Datawatch will be with you at every step of the way as you transform your business with Next Generation Analytics. 



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Visually Design, Discover and Explore New Insights From Any Data in

With the new understanding of the value of Big Data and the accelerating pace of business, organizations need more than ever the ability easily access and visually explore any information source at any speed, especially real-time. Organizations need powerful tools to empower them to leverage every shred of data available and then manage, secure, and deliver that information to transform business processes, increase visibility to critical Big Data sources, and improve business intelligence applications offering broader analytical capabilities.

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Securely Share and Analyze Visualizations Throughout Your Organization

To fully exploit the power of optimized information, organizations must ensure that every shred of information is easily available to users of all types. With Datawatch Server, companies of all sizes can allow every user to access and visualize in real-time this information through a web browser and provide them the ability to analyze and understand this information more effectively.

With the ability to manage, secure, and visualize this content, users of all levels can access the information stored in structured, unstructured and semi-structured sources like static reports, PDF files, and EDI streams – in real-time sources like CEP engines, tick or machine data, to gain a complete understanding of the business. 

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