Become A Partner

The Datawatch Partner Program

The Datawatch Partner Program is designed and structured according to specific partnership categories, levels, criteria, and benefits that are tailored to meet each partner’s business objectives. We are committed to providing partners with the highest support to market, sell and deliver industry-leading solutions, while achieving the maximum degree of customer success and satisfaction.

The Program is unique in that it offers partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves with a value proposition focused on delivering rapid ROI projects that create visible client value while providing a basis for longer term, strategic opportunities.

The comprehensive program also provides Datawatch partner organizations the opportunity to take advantage of intensive, comprehensive product training as part of a certification process – offering an immediate way to communicate your company’s level of product knowledge to clients and prospects. Certification verifies that you possess a clear understanding of key concepts and best practices that will then empower your organization to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Why Partner with Datawatch?

Align with a market leader – Datawatch is a market leader in providing solutions that enable customers to leverage every shred of data available to them. The result is the insight needed to see the whole picture and make better business decisions, optimize processes, and enhance productivity – all while working with existing Business Intelligence and Big Data systems. This capability allows our partners to offer a more comprehensive solution set to their customers.

  • Additional revenue opportunity.
  • Extend your value-add.
  • Accelerate and maximize ROI.