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  • Built for business users not rocket scientists
  • Automatically extract from reports & web pages
  • Combine, clean and use with your favorite tools


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How it Works

Often the most important information you need is locked away in existing reports or difficult sources that seem impossible to use without re-keying the data.  That’s where Datawatch Monarch Classic shines. Datawatch Monarch Classic is an application that runs on your Windows desktop and as soon as you drop a file onto the canvas it automatically begins to extract into analytics-ready rows and columns.

See what’s new in the latest release of Monarch Classic



Analysts spend up to 80% of their time preparing data.  Datawatch cuts that to a fraction delivering faster, more impactful analysis.  And with access to more data that was previously locked away in difficult sources, you’ll spend less time uncovering important business insights and making better decisions.

Datawatch Monarch user Marbridge Foundation experienced an ROI of 495% with payback in 1 month.  Learn more about the benefits by downloading the case study, or read the latest analyst research on why data preparation is the “next market disruption.”

Datawatch Monarch is easy to learn and you’ll see immediate returns.


Technically Speaking

Operating systems: Windows 7 SP1 or later,  4 GB RAM,  600 MB disk

Data source inputs: 

  • Documents: PDF Report, Text, Excel, CSV, HTML, XPS
  • Relational: Access, ODBC, OLEDB
  • Other: SAP AIS files, supported input files within ZIP and GZIP files

Data source input locations: Local Filesystem, Network, FTP, SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS, Amazon S3, WebDAV

Native data exports: CSV, Text, HTML, XML, Excel, Access, PDF, Datawatch Designer

Access Data From Any Source

Faster decision making lies in unlocking critical data trapped in sales reports, balance sheets, invoices, statements, log files, and even web pages. Monarch Classic allows you to work with both relational and multi-structured data, and automatically convert this into structured data for analysis.

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Understand Your Data

Quickly profile and filter your data before you start working with it to know if there are any quality issues.

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Easy to Use

The latest version of Monarch Classic comes with a lot of impressive enhancements, including customizable report data extraction, data governance features, and vast improvements in the context menus for reports, tables and summaries.

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Export Your Favorite Tools

With native support for the most popular visualization and advanced analytics tools, your prepared data can be fully leveraged for a wide variety of tasks.  From analytics to operational processes, put the full value of Datawatch Monarch to use throughout your organization.

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Automate Processes and Data Delivery

Datawatch Monarch Automation enables users to completely eliminate manual steps associated with repeatable processes. Workflows built in Automator leverage Monarch Models, timing rules and delivery rules to streamline data preparation and data consumption at the enterprise level.

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Monarch Automation Purchasing Options:

  • Tier 1 Datawatch Monarch and Automator v13 Bundle: 1 Model Builder, 5 Analysts, up to 15 Processes
  • Tier 2 Datawatch Monarch and Automator v13 Bundle: 3 Model Builders, 10 Analysts, up to 30 Processes
  • Tier 3 Datawatch Monarch and Automator v13 Bundle: 5 Model Builders, 15 Analysts, up to 75 Processes

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