Sales are the lifeblood of any company. And smooth, consistent, secure, compliant and reliable processes are critical to closing more deals faster. Similarly, timely and accurate reporting of bookings, revenue, pipeline, prospects, contracts and contact status is equally important to expediting the process.

The reality is that sales teams don’t always use their reporting tools effectively to capture information, follow process guidelines, or keep records up to date. And when it comes to data capture and sales status reporting, they sometimes depend on external regional sources or third party organizations, which takes quality control out of their hands.


Sales people are evaluated on their ability to support and grow sales, speed deal closings, ensure quality lead nurturing along the buyer journey, and maintain data accuracy for all corporate reporting. Senior level sales operations people are tasked with developing processes and systems, and selecting tools to manage prospects and the customer lifecycle. But process improvements like these require behavior change. The best tools, processes and systems will not yield positive outcomes if they are not embraced by sales people, so they must be easy to adopt and use and quickly demonstrate results.

Datawatch Monarch enables sales people to easily access and clean messy, disparate data without having to rely on IT or other resources. Sales teams can discover, cleanse, blend and prepare reports with speed and accuracy, and export what they need to leading business intelligence and visualization tools to drive productivity and performance gains for your business.


  • Easy to learn and use for rapid and welcome adoption
  • Able to access data from other areas, i.e. finance systems without relying on their resources or additional IT resources
  • Accuracy, reliability, security, consistency, speed, export capabilities, data snapshots, predictive analytics to gain insight into health of customers
  • Real-time views of sales pipeline, dashboards with ability to drill down
  • Ability to quickly and easily de-dupe customer and account records

Datawatch delivers productivity, power, connectivity and measurable results to support your overall business goals.

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