Solutions built to solve the problems unique to your business.


Self-Service Analytics

Quickly build analytics-ready data sets for use with your favorite tool


Report Reconciliation

Make sure that the data between systems tie off to the penny. With Datawatch...


Overcoming Excel Limitations

Break through spreadsheet limitations and reduce manual efforts and increase productivity through automation.

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401k (ERISA) Compliance for HR

Accelerate 401k compliance tasks and automated data extraction benefits  


Sales Operations

Increase Productivity and Connectivity for measurable results.


Internal & Public Audit

Optimize operations and satisfy regulatory requirements



Stay compliant with Datawatch Monarch by extracting and compiling all your data into one...


Market Intelligence

Market intelligence includes the process of gathering data from your external environment and using...

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Healthcare Providers Revenue Cycle Management

Managing your office’s claims processing, payment and revenue generation.

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Self-Service Data Preparation for Cognos Analytics

Unleash the full value and agility of self-service analytics.

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