Streamline processes and improve reporting with Datawatch Monarch

  • Identify revenue sources and manage costs
  • Simplify compliance reporting
  • Increase transparency and reduce administrative burden

Self-service data prep empowers government agencies

Shrinking budgets and limited resources are a common refrain for most government agencies. Analysts need to be able to get at all types of information from a variety of sources and in a myriad of formats. This work needs to be done in a timely and cost-effective manner so they can put their domain expertise to work as quickly as possible.

Seamless compatibility with

Datawatch Monarch allows users to automate the extraction of information from current, historical and real-time sources, integrate disparate data into a comprehensive data set, and quickly prep it for analysis in the visualization tool of your choice. ¬†What’s more, data can be securely shared between users and agencies, or embedded in public websites to keep constituents informed all while adhering to overarching data compliance initiatives.

By providing the ability to examine data from any angle, Datawatch helps users to:

  • Clearly identify revenue sources and utilization of public funds, aiding in cost management.
  • Deliver proof of compliance with regulatory frameworks at any level of government.
  • Track crime and identify the effectiveness of policies and policing.
  • Recognize voting trends by navigating complex demographic data.
  • Increase transparency and reduce administrative burden by providing public self-service access to information.
  • Easily and securely share data across agencies.
  • Maximize shrinking budgets by giving everyone the ability to prep their own data to quickly find answers to questions.
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