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Video: Heywood Healthcare

“It’s a time saving method of extracting data…”  

Au Bon Pain

“Monarch is an incredible tool for budget planning and forecasts."


Whitnell & Co.

"It automatically lets us know what data is accurate..."  

Public Service Credit Union

"...saving time is even more important. And Datawatch helps me do just that."  


"The Datawatch Monarch solution paid for itself within the first six months."


Hungerford Vinton LLC

“Without Monarch, data prep for a single audit would take 6 to 8 times longer.”


QIE Partners

"It’s an incredibly powerful tool that we use like a Swiss Army knife."  


"Monarch has saved us thousands of hours of modeling and data extraction time."  


"The system also helps us quickly spot anomalies that can provide important insights."  

Marbridge Foundation

"Datawatch has saved us so much time and money, it’s hard to even quantify."  

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