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National Nuclear Security Administration

"Monarch is the data extraction tool on steroids."


"We convert our PDF files through Monarch in order to read the data and...

Mount Holyoke College

"We use Monarch for extracting data off reports that we get from our ERP...


"The Datawatch Monarch solution paid for itself within the first six months."


Columbia Bank

"Monarch is the brain, the hub, of our operational data integration."

Immersion Consulting

"We've saved 6,000 man hours and reduced that down to a day's worth of...

Wells Fargo

"In the absence of Monarch, our lives would be incredibly difficult."


"The system also helps us quickly spot anomalies that can provide important insights."  

Au Bon Pain

“Monarch is an incredible tool for budget planning and forecasts."


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

"It allows us to take data from PDF reports..."  

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