Learn More About Data Variety in Your Big Data Systems


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Semi-structured such as complex reports, machine data, EDI streams, high volume print output, text and PDF formats data remain very difficult to extract value from when it is searched for and accessed from Hadoop. Datawatch allows its customers to leverage the tens of thousands of models they have already developed for their hard to reach sources to create valuable information assets which can be loaded into Hadoop or directly into Hive for further analysis. New customers will also benefit from an easy to use modeling environment for hard to reach data, proven over 20 years, to enable business analysts and those most familiar with the data to be able to take advantage of the massive scale offered by Hadoop’s distributed architecture.

Current Datawatch customers already create multiple terabytes of data on a daily basis via the Datawatch Information Optimization Platform™. By enabling this data to flow easily into their big data solutions, Datawatch helps meet the challenges of computing at scale while gaining valuable insight into the critical business data within their enterprises.

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In addition, with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), files must segment for distributed processing without impacting the validity of the data. Reports and other documents which have a complex structure - where records are not atomic on a line-by-line basis - cannot easily be processed by Hadoop ecosystem tools without very complex programming and performance overhead.

The Datawatch Information Optimization Platform is able to access and take advantage of these sources in order to bring Hadoop-ready data into customers’ big data environments.

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