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Going beyond “actionable insight”

Posted by Ben Plummer

Once intelligence is provided to leaders, they can then make educated decisions. If I had a nickel for every time I've read or heard the phrase "data analytics can provide you with actionable insight," I'd probably have enough money to buy me at least three Big Macs.

Defining data quality, what it means for 2015

Posted by Jon Pilkington

In a virtually endless sea of data, how do you separate the bad apples from the good ones? How does one differentiate high-quality data from low-quality data?

The difference between a dashboard and a data visualization

Posted by Ben Plummer

Dashboards can convey an incredible amount of information in a short amount of time. Although there are plenty of people out there who would use the words "dashboard" and "visualization" to describe the same thing, that doesn't mean they're necessarily right in doing so.

Do data visualization and storytelling work well together?

Posted by Ben Plummer

Do storytelling and data visualization belong together? Depending on who you speak to, the concept of storytelling can be either very definitive or ambiguous.

Big data: What to expect in 2015

Posted by Michael Morrison

How will big data transform the global economy? When discussing big data, people could be talking about either one of two things: the technology or the industry. This post will focus on the latter.

Building a better engine with real-time analytics

Posted by Dan Potter

The automotive industry is reaping the benefits of using real-time analytics to improve engine design. Want to figure out how to build a better car? Take a page from Mercedes AMG and companies competing in the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix.

Closer to the heart: Using analytics to better understand customers

Posted by Ben Plummer

Dozens of different elements contributes to brand development, but data analysis tools provide an adequate layer of support. From time to time, I've spoken with marketers about how they're using data analytics, often finding they're leveraging the technology to "find stronger leads" for their sales departments.

Security analytics: A key component of IT protection

Posted by Dan Potter

Using analytics tools that can predict when breaches are due to occur is a powerful capability. If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you've probably come across the term "real-time analytics" more than once. So, I'd like to ask - why can't the same analytical approach be applied to network and database defense?

3 ways in which analytics, IoT is impacting the automotive industry

Posted by Michael Morrison

The automotive industry has progressed considerably since the classic cars of the '50s were produced. Sure, there's a lot IKEA can learn from a Web-connected recliner, but imagine the kind of insight a business such as General Motors or Ford could gain by scrutinizing data produced by a car equipped with smart devices.

How, why utilities are using data analysis software

Posted by Dan Potter

Smart meters and other devices are providing utilities with a plethora of data. Analytics isn't being applied to improve just one facet of electricity distribution.


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