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Real-time analytics: What’s under the hood?

Posted by Dan Potter

Real-time analytics are quite sophisticated, but how do they actually work? A lot of people talk about the wonders of in-memory processing, but in fact have no idea what it actually is.

Visual analytics’ impact on the Internet of Things – Part Two

Posted by Ben Plummer

Sensors distributed across the globe are producing more information, do you know what to do with it? In Part Two, we'll continue the discussion by detailing the type of information the Internet of Things produces, as well as how data visualization will help enterprises make sense of this data.

Data visualization: past vs. present

Posted by Ben Plummer

Charles Minard's data visualization of Napoleon's Russian campaign is quite sophisticated. Yes, data scientists were around in the 1800s, but it took them much longer to create data visualizations than it does today.

Data analytics: only scratching the surface

Posted by Michael Morrison

Data analysis tools are due to become more sophisticated in the future. Even though today's data analysis software is quite sophisticated, some specialists believe such tools aren't as "smart" as they could be.

How could the UK’s National Health Service save billions with analytics?

Posted by Michael Morrison

Analyzing resources, processes and structures can help health care professionals save more than they can imagine. When organizations use data analytics to identify where unnecessary expenses persist, many discover that a number of fundamental practices are to blame.

The impact of visual analytics on the Internet of Things – Part One

Posted by Ben Plummer

How will visual analytics enhance Internet-connected sensors? In recent articles, I have focused quite a bit on the kind of information the Internet of Things will deliver to data visualization software.

Is big data biased?

Posted by Michael Morrison

Data collection must be thorough and precise. I'm not referring to the overt prejudice and favoritism people think of when gross social injustices occur, I'm talking about how professionals collect information.

Immersive environments: Where data visualization is headed

Posted by Ben Plummer

The future of data visualization lies in technology that immerses software users in data sets. As a human being, I tend to recognize the incredible advances we've made in technology and then say "Great, what's next?"

Data visualization tools prepare companies for the future

Posted by Ben Plummer

When business leaders discuss changes, they often need analytics to support new ideas and directions. No matter what type of business you are in, you will encounter changes on an annual basis, whether minor strategic adjustments or monumental transformations.

What’s real time analytics’ role in the smart building phenomenon?

Posted by Dan Potter

Implementing smart buildings requires to assets: analysis software and Internet-connected devices. Developing a fully-functional smart building starts with the Internet of Things and comes to life with data analysis software.


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