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How, why utilities are using data analysis software

Posted by Dan Potter

Smart meters and other devices are providing utilities with a plethora of data. Analytics isn't being applied to improve just one facet of electricity distribution.

Lost in jargon: deducing what “true” analytics is

Posted by Michael Morrison

The world of big data is littered with terms and phrases, but which ones are correct? Despite the fact that data analytics software can bring clarity to befuddling situations, the culture surrounding it can be littered with jargon.

Looking at Turkey Day in a whole new light

Posted by Ben Plummer

Want-to-know-how-many-of-these-babies-were-sold-last-year-or-the-year-before_1508_40015507_0_14109285_500 A data analytics tool could either list off statistics you're bound to forget, or it could visualize information to give you a better sense of what you're looking at.

Data visualization takes gene analysis to the next level

Posted by Ben Plummer

DNA's complicated, but visualization tools can simplify representations of them. You know what's amazing? How incredibly complex our genetic makeup is.

How accurate are talent analytics solutions?

Posted by Jon Pilkington

HR analysis platforms can make the recruitment process go much smoothly, but it's important to take the results with a grain of salt. Out of all the data analysis software on the market, HR analytics probably comes under the most scrutiny.

Is analytics worth the investment?

Posted by Michael Morrison

Financial analysts have deduced that data analytics provide credible ROI. All the buzz and hubbub surrounding data analysis software has caused many business professionals to grow apprehensive of investing in the technology.

How the Internet of Things, data visualization, will change future cities

Posted by Ben Plummer

Civil engineers working for city services must regard data from Web-connected devices to identify optimal infrastructure designs. The technology that truly unites smart devices to create the Internet of Things (IoT) is data visualization.

How meters, data analysis can optimize water access

Posted by Ben Plummer

Some water utilities are using a combination of sensor technology and data analytics to improve efficiency. Between global warming and underdeveloped infrastructures, public and private utilities are turning to data visualization to help them better manage a precious resource.

Amid Ebola crises, what can data analytics do?

Posted by Dan Potter

The Ebola virus continues to spread. Can data analytics stunt its progress? Imagine a person from Freetown, Sierra Leone calls an Ebola crisis facility on October 8, 2014.

How do IoT, data analytics and insurance work together?

Posted by Dan Potter

Insurance companies are looking for new sources of information. No matter what, the amount of money a person pays to obtain insurance, whether for home, auto or life, depends on risk - all of which is deduced by scrutinizing data.


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