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Our Thoughts


How, why utilities are using data analysis software

Analytics isn't being applied to improve just one facet of electricity distribution.

Dan Potter | December 4, 2014

Lost in jargon: deducing what “true” analytics is

Despite the fact that data analytics software can bring clarity to befuddling situations, the culture surrounding it can be littered with jargon.

Michael Morrison | December 2, 2014

Looking at Turkey Day in a whole new light

A data analytics tool could either list off statistics you're bound to forget, or it could visualize information to give you a better sense of what you're looking at.

Ben Plummer | November 26, 2014


The four key considerations that your business needs to take into consideration before adopting #IoT technology:

@Datawatch | December 19, 2014

Enterprise IoT is set to be the largest of all three sectors - enterprise, home, government - here's why:

@Datawatch | December 18, 2014

Learn more about your government's efforts to improve quality of life by teaming up with #IoT companies:

@Datawatch | December 18, 2014

Here's why the sharing economy and the internet of things is going to be a match made in heaven:

@Datawatch | December 18, 2014


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