Capital Markets

Effective Monitoring & Analysis of Real-Time Risk, Performance & Attribution Data

Datawatch is deployed in banks, hedge funds and brokerages all over the world. C-level executives, fund managers, traders, and analysts use our advanced data visualization tools to conduct profitable business while maintaining a close eye on risk exposures.

Visualize real-time financial data

Financial institutions use Datawatch to visualize real-time and CEP data in many ways, including:

  • Risk Analysis: Monitor risk limit usage and to analyze risk data generated by external risk engines.
  • Compliance & Fraud: Datawatch enables very fast identification of sources of potential fraud and are also effective compliance monitoring tools. Common usage scenarios include fraudulent transaction monitoring, market abuse and manipulation monitoring, and price verification.
  • Latency Monitoring: Datawatch's real-time capabilities allow firms to visually monitor data flows, data queuing, and transaction efficiency.
  • News Analytics: Datawatch allows analysts to filter and display news sentiment data, visualize P&L, trading, volume and price data in real time and correlate changes with news, and spot patterns in masses of news information.
  • Performance & Attribution: Datawatch visual analysis tools allow users to find problems and opportunities at the fund, portfolio or constituent level that are often very difficult or impossible to identify in traditional reports.
  • Profitability: Firms handling sell side, buy side and custody clients can improve their overall profitability by implementing Datawatch's OLAP-enabled, interactive dashboards to understand how profitable their customers are. They can also look at profitability for their traders, products, regions, offices, and other parameters.
  • Research & Sales: Use our visual analytics software to understand historic returns and correlations as well as to analyze fundamentals, including actuals and forecasts driving returns.
  • Trading & Execution: Use cases include pre-trade basket analytics, algo trading scenario performance & profitability monitoring, fill performance monitoring, trading performance monitoring, and post-trade analysis.
  • Transaction Cost Analysis: Use Datawatch-equipped platforms to look back and highlight areas of under and over performance within the historical transaction record, including the correlations between instrument, industrial hierarchy, algo strategy, and venue.


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